Friday, August 28, 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015



There is good and bad.

I have enjoyed Facebook for several years now.  It is sooo nice to connect with old school mates and to keep up with everyone's children and grandchildren.  I even enjoy keeping up with some of you of FB.

Our church is made up of about 80% of people under the age of forty so Roger FINALLY had to bite the dusk and join the world of Facebook so that he could communicate with them.  Smile.

He still HATE Facebook, but he tolerates it.  He told our church that his rule is......if you post ANYTHING "Ungodly or bad" he will delete you.  I am sad to say that the first week he deleted about ten of our church members.  

I am not as strong as him.  I always worry about hurting feelings, so instead of defriending them .....if  they begin to post questionable things, I just unfollow them so that I do not see what they post. 

  • Our couples Sunday School Class is private and uses FB for private Prayer Requests.  That is an easy way to get prayer chains started.  
  • We have a SOUND group that is private that posts info, etc. and also the songs for Sunday.  
  • Our church's FB is public and they post pictures, upcoming events, and praises.

These are all GREAT uses of Facebook.

However, right now we know a couple whose marriage is in major trouble because one of the spouses has been having a cyber long distance affair online.  This person is ready for a divorce because he/she feels he/she is in love with the online friend.  WHEWWW.......

It is sooooooooo easy to be SOMEONE else online and to fake it and lie.  People say things online they would NEVER say in person, on a phone call or most of the time even in an email.  It is easy to be whoever the other person wants.............

This is a dangerous tool that Satan is using to destroy homes.

Facebook is not a sin.  Miss-use of Facebook IS A SIN.

I know you've seen it too.............
  • people air their dirty laundry on fb.  
  • People will argue and fight on fb.  
  • AND....some people blow up fb by sharing what they have with the pictures of it for every meal for every day of the week.

TECHNOLOGY is a Wonderful thing.......................................................but guard yourself and don't allow Satan to use it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Please remember this sweet little girl in your prayers today.  Because of re-occurring ear infections, she is having tubes put in today.  

The tubes will be a blessing.......anything if it helps her pain.  BUT....she is NOT a people person to strangers.  In fact, we will be surprised if she does not SCREAM when the nurse takes her from her Mommy to take her back.

Pray for little Kinley and for Mom & Dad.

Also, remember Big Brother, Cameron as he spends some time with Mimi & Grandaddy and is enjoying being alone.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pick and Choose Our Sins

Pick and Choose Our Sins!

That sounds silly, doesn't it?  But, isn't that what people do.  The unforgivable sins are ANY sin that I do not commit.  We pick and choose our sins.

We had a sixth grade student last week draw on a piece of paper, detailed pictures of human "privates" and labels them.  He did a great job.

The teacher mentioned it the next day and said that she did not want to know who did it, but she did want to let them know that just because they were a good artist and could actually label it, it did NOT make it okay to be drawing it at school or anywhere else.

A little boy in the back of the class raised his hand and said, "I did it.  I drew it." 

When she asked him why he confessed, his reply was, "Because I am a Christian."

We got a good chuckle out of it........ until I got to thinking about it. 

 I was GLAD he had a conscious enough to want to confess, but sad that his conscious did not bother him enough  that he actually drew the pictures and labeled them.

Made me think.  Don't adults do that every day?  They pick and choose their sins.  

They confess the ones the choose that are wrong and accept the other ones as okay.

We are a VERY accepting generation.  

And, as Roger said Sunday, we are very good at reasoning.  My sin is not so bad.........because your sin is sooo much worse.  We tend to forget that sin is sin is big sin or little sin.  Sin is Sin!!!

We do NOT get to pick and choose our sins.  Sin is Sin....regardless of what the world says.

New Beginning

To a school teacher and to us at church, this is a time of new beginnings.  Almost a second New Years. 

School has started.  It is a new year.  A new group of children.  A new beginning.

Church's new year is beginning.  New teacher and kids and new beginnings.

I get excited around this time every year...even though it is hectic.  I get excited for meet and learn my new students at school and to face the new hurdlers thrown at the teachers for the new year.

Also, at church I get beginnings always make me feel good.

Wipe the slate clean and start over.

God is working miracles in our church.  We continue to have visitors coming and I really feel that our Sunday night studies are a blessing.  (I hear the Wednesday night studies are also, but I am in a class teaching the preschoolers, so I miss that.  Smile.)  Not only are we growing in numbers, the ones that are interested are growing in spirit also.

We just had our business meeting last Wednesday night.  I am in class, so I missed it, but Roger was sharing with me some of the activities and projects coming up.

It warms my heart!

However....when things are going so good...........I always get scared....because I know that Satan is waiting for a weak link to jump in and try to destroy the good work.

Satan will work overtime when God is being Honored.

My prayers are that our church and individuals will guard our hearts and stay so close to God that it does not leave room for Satan to work his destruction.

That is my prayer for your church also.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In....

Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In......

We got word this morning that my husband's uncle, who he was very close to, passed away at three this morning.  He fought a good fight.  He had been sick for some time.  

He adored his family, especially his grandchildren.  He treated Roger as a son....especially after Roger's dad passed away.

I just thank God that we were able to see him in July.  His speech was very slurred and he was very weak, but he was at home, sitting on the back deck talking about his fish pond and different varieties of tomatoes.  We enjoyed a very nice visit with him, his wife and grandchildren.  It was always a blessing to visit with him and he always seemed to cherish those visits.

We talked of going to visit him yesterday, but hospice had already been called in and he was not able to communicate.............AND....Sunday's are soooo full.

I keep thinking.....Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In.......I KNOW he has a new body and I KNOW he is in heaven with his brothers, dad and mom and also my dad.

Life is but a vapor.............we have a lot of work to do and time passes by so quickly.

Please remember the family as they lay to rest this precious saint.

Pretend "Christians"

I look around me and my heart breaks.  Somehow, we have lost our directions.

Sooo may people claim to be Christians and claim to love God, but their actions do not prove it.  EVERYTHING.....and every excuse is used to miss church.

Many children are brought to church, but their parent's actions prove that church and God is not the controlling source of their beings.  Kids see through the "pretend".  No matter what you say.....if you put everybody and everything before church and God, you are teaching your children that they God and the church are not important and everything else is.

Would these same people use the same excuses for ballgames?  Or for Nascar or whatever else that is is their "driving force?"  Of course they would not.,,because THAT is important to them.

That may not seem horrible at the moment.........but when their children grow up and completely leave God out of their lives......they wonder what happened?!?!?!  They wonder where they went wrong!?!?!?!

They went wrong.....way back.....when their children were young and they TAUGHT them that you go to habit; not out of true LOVE OF GOD.

It breaks my heart to look around me and witness this.  

If I said anything to any of them, they would immediately "think"...."but you HAVE to go, you are the preacher's wife"  I do not go to church because I am the preacher's wife......I go to church because I love God and I want to experience more of him.  

Being a bi-vocational pastor's wife, there have been many, many times in our thirty-six year of marriage when we were "just members" and did not hold a position in the church. HOWEVER.....there was NEVER a time in our married life where we did not attend church; every time the doors were open....because we LOVE GOD and could not get enough.  Our children grew up knowing nothing else.  There were times that our children had to miss a "ballgame", etc. because it was played during church.........but they did learn what was important to their parents.

God has blessed us beyond what we deserve.  We have four Godly children (2 by birth and 2 by marriage) who not only call themselves Christians..........God is in complete control of their lives.

It breaks my heart to see so many people "pretending" and doing as little as they can to ease their conscious. 

Everyone keeps talking about the direction our country is going and being worried.  IT ALL STARTS AT HOME. 

Thank you for allowing me to vent......