Friday, August 29, 2014


Hand, Foot & Mouth SPIRITUAL Virus

Daddy has been out of town, so I have been helping our daughter with the grandbabies this week……they both have the Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus. (High fever, blisters in the throat, feet, hand and bottom.) It is pitiful to watch them suffer so. I have discovered that a cold Popsicle will numb their throats to the point that they can drink enough to keep from being dehydrated though.

Last night, I got to thinking……..what an odd name: Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus. Many times Christians, including myself, get the Hand, Foot and Mouth SPIRITUAL Virus sometimes. You know that kind…..where your mouth is engaged before your brain is and you stick your foot in your mouth….

As a pastor’s wife, I have learned to keep my thoughts to myself and hold it in. However…..enough is enough…..after a while, I totally get out of the spirit and develop the Hand, Foot and Mouth SPIRITUAL virus and it just COMES OUT. This especially happens when I am around negative people who get me down.

This virus has made both our grandbabies ill and in a bad mood. Spiritual HF& M also puts you in a bad mood.

Guess this post is just for me…………..

Surround yourselves with POSITIVE FOLKS and risk being contaminated with Hand, Foot and Mouth Spiritual Virus.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy 21 months old......

Cameron Lee is 21 months old today and his sister, Kinley Grace is 6 and a half months old.
Sorry.......could not resist.  I am a typical Mimi............they have brought me much more joy than I ever imagined.


Tara just blogged for a week about change…. It got me to thinking.

Normally, I do not like change….and here I sit in the mist of lots of changes.

• Our son and daughter no longer live with us
• Our daughter-in-law is starting back to school
• Our grandson is talking more and more
• Our granddaughter is sitting up and getting more alert everyday

• I have a new group of students at school
• The weather is already changing
• The season will soon be changing.

• Common Core is being pushed in the classroom
• RTI is being implemented everywhere
• I no longer have 1st Period Planning
• We have a new principal
• We have a new football coach

Me….the person that does not normally like change is right in the middle of lots of changes. (And this is just naming a few of those changes.)

But, to grow, you must change.

Change is not always bad….many times change is wonderful and necessary. With growth, comes change.

Even in our spiritual life….change is good. With change comes growth.

Don’t get in a rut……welcome change. Continue to grow and change daily.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Leaning on God

Yesterday I blogged about Stepping Out of Your Box.

I had someone ask me if now that I survived standing up once, was it easier?  NOT! 


Please pray for me, especially over the next several months as I prepare to once again step out of my comfortable box.  Pray that I will completely LEAN on HIM.

I did discover through that first experience that when I am in my comfort zone, I just thought I was leaning on God.  I prayed to Him and asked for his guidance, BUT.... it was different....

When you step out of the have NO CHOICE but to keep your eyes on Jesus, or you will sink.  There is NO walking on water on your own.

I would like to challenge each of you to step out of YOUR boat........(everyone's boat is different because we are all different.) 

You will be amazed what God can do if you will only allow Him to.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Stepping Out of Your Box

If you knew me personally, you would know that I am a people type person.  I AM NOT a stand up in front of a large group type of person.

I feel like I have spent most of our 35 years of ministry trying to find my passions and comfort zones...................just to discover that that is not always the place to be.

I read a devotion a few months ago about stepping out of the boat and until we do that....we will not receive the special blessings that God has for us. 

 After reading that....I thought, I want ALL of the blessings that are designated for me.  (At the time, I was thinking, just how hard would it be to step out of the boat......What was I thinking?)

Anyway.....without boring you to death, shortly after that I was asked to lead a large ladies group session which will be held almost a year from that time and was given a topic.  Whewww......I was afraid to say no because I could not get that devotion out of my mind....stepping out of the boat.

While in the garden this summer, I was thinking about the ladies' session I had been asked to lead .....God and I were having a heart to heart talk and I just mentioned to Him that if he truly wanted me to step out of the boat and speak to a group......couldn't I have at least pick my own subject?

Be careful what you ask for...................a few days later, I was asked to lead another ladies' session which was in just a few weeks......and I had the freedom to speak or do whatever I choseRUT ROW.  My comfortable little box was busting open.

The second group was a much smaller group of wives, but still much larger than I am comfortable with, so.......there is NO WAY KATHY could have done it.......God took over and worked through me and I made it through the 2 hour session without passing out or throwing up and no one even walked out on me.

The pastor's wives were so very considerate and nice to me and made me feel very comfortable.  In spite of my fears, I actually enjoyed the time with the ladies.  I am pretty sure that God planned that entire session just for me because most of the things I talked about were directly to me.  My devotion was "Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone".  And, God chose the wives that attended......because they were definitely "special", "caring" and "loving".......and did not even throw rotten apples at me.

It was absolutely nothing I did, but God worked through me and the wives shared and opened up in ways that I never even hoped for.  I left the session  feeling VERY BLESSED to have been a part of that group.

I say all of this to careful what you ask just might get it.  Smile.  
BUT.....if HE leads you to step out, you won't be alone.

Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. has always been one of my favorite is now even more dear to my heart.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Unexpected Change


I believe that this is the last time I will blog about it . . . unless I change my mind!

I'm guilty of praying for things that I honestly don't think will ever change. I know I need more faith.

I confess that after praying for years for a family's member's salvation or a friend's health issue, I lose faith that God will answer my prayers. It is hard to keep praying and praying for something that doesn't seem to be happening.

Since I am confessing, I will also be honest to tell you that sometimes the likelihood that things will change keep me from even asking God to intervene. That person just seems too caught up in her sin or, self-righteously I judge him because I don't think he is worthy of the change that he needs.

So I don't pray for God to change things because I limit Him in my mind own mind. Again, I know I need more faith. I pray for that too.

Yet, He does change things. He intervenes in circumstances all the time. He heals people. He mends broken hearts. He restores marriages. He grows us.

He made me new and continually works within me, making me into the image of Christ. He changes me.

We serve a God who intentionally uses change. If we didn't believe He was and is a God of change than where would we be today?

I would definitely not be writing this blog.

So, if you have no expectations of God changing things, then maybe you need to spend a little time alone with Him, asking Him for more faith. Whether or not we expect Him to, He is all about change.

Dear Sister, please join me in praying persistently. Let us not give up in how we approach the Throne of Grace, with expectant prayers. Our God is the God of Change.